why are they acting funny?

2021.12.06 06:15 annab2110 why are they acting funny?

i have two roosters in the same pen and one is a bully, he is sort of doing a weird dance with his wing and chasing the other. does anyone know why this is and how i can prevent it?
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2021.12.06 06:15 Affectionate-Can8206 Pantheon War Community Project Round 1 Registration- Enter Hermes and Athena!

Dear fanStands and FanPartRun subreddit, I want to share with you that the community project registration for Round 1 is open! What you need to do is to post one comment with one original character that wields a stand. As a human, your application to Speedwagon Foundation will be examined, and you will be sent to the rescue/ confrontation mission for the sake of Planet Earth.
Greek Gods conspire to populate Earth with new life and kill all existing mortal beings. With limited time that Earth has, some of you need to team up against powerful foes, some of you have to face lesser threats and rescue species with appropriate Stand abilities.
Speedwagon Foundation Report: Gods of Olympus Hermes and Athena will descend in 7 and 10 days respectively.
Hermes- Character Profile (Hiring for Roleplay) Personality- He is a playful and humorous individual in general, but can be cunning as well. Hermes acts on behalf of the gods, but only out of respect to Zeus as his father and overall benefit to Olympus. Otherwise, he acts on his own self-interest, wandering through worlds and learning about cultures. He finds physical contests exhausting even though he is a God with highest speed and stamina out of all. The mission that Gods gave Hermes is currently unknown, will be revealed on arrival.
Physical abilities- nothing much known about them except that Hermes is one of the most agile and physically fit in the entire Olympus. He is the only one who can cross the border of living and dead and leave without a trouble.
Stand Ability: Hermes' stand is mostly passive, protecting him from enemies who intent to harm him by making their souls forcibly leave their bodies. If the souls don't return to their bodies for a long time, they disappear into the Afterlife. The only way to harm Hermes is by making him make a mini-game or bet, which activates his stand. If the opponent wins against Hermes, he loses all possible control over the opponent and his stand can't do anything against that individual in the future either. But if Hermes wins, he gains full control his opponents' mind and spirit, and can manipulate them by will alone.
Equipment- Currently unknown, will be revealed on arrival.
Athena- Character Profile (Hiring for Roleplay) Personality- Serious and practical individual, she uses everything at her disposal and is not ashamed to admit that she might win due to superior equipment, connections or physical abilities. She is an absolute perfectionist who works hard to become the best and enjoys the praise and attention from others. If the opponent is losing, she will offer them a chance for a draw and escape, a sensible choice in her opinion. Despite being a God of War, she doesn't like violence and prefers contests of mind or hands.
She takes pride in her tactics, strength, and especially her ability to spin and sew threads to make various staff. If you boast superiority or just beat her at her own game she will be mad and your fate will be quite brutal. She doesn't think anything worth of Ares, her brother and another God of War, who in turn has inferiority complex towards her. She is a leader and has many followers who always come by her side and ask for wisdom or advice.
Physical Attributes- She is at least strong enough to lift large marble colons without sweat. She can also destroy said colons in a single punch though she cares a lot about aesthetics and taking care of her hands.
Stand Ability- Her stand with touch can turn any solid material into threads with the same properties as original material and twist, spin, weave them into various simple or complex shapes freely. She can untie complex knots and sew easily as well.
Equipment- Currently unknown, will be revealed on arrival.
For simplicity of this contest, you can register by posting a comment with your original character under this post. Please look at the process described at this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19j9QdZstWoui3InTwrGBioeVSy9FFGZ3Ta4W0nSZhGg/edit?usp=sharing. Each participant can participate twice, but not at the same row.
Top 6 most liked comments will be divided into 2 teams of 3 and will take on only one of the opponents. The team leaders will be Kishibe Rohan (Hiring for Roleplay) and Joseph Joestar (Hiring for Roleplay).
Other liked comments have the liberty to create their own storyboards and battle using other creatures of Mythology, who must be no more threatening than Olympus itself. (I am just one guy who wants to make a fun time for everyone, but it can be hard to create contests for a large amount of people). Let's have fun and create our own Verse, dubbed PantheonVerse.
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2021.12.06 06:15 Cober_On_21 What ideas you have about taxation?

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2021.12.06 06:15 BadolatoJess ELI5: Why is is that when you get super sweaty and then dry off in the air, you'll often be left with a chill, but drying off after normal water leaves your body at a normal temperature? Something to do with salt?

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2021.12.06 06:15 jobsinanywhere How to get Ice Bones Treatment Sniper skin and more

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2021.12.06 06:15 SarasCaptions On fire

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2021.12.06 06:15 tyrannosauru On Syria’s Ruins, a Drug Empire Flourishes

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2021.12.06 06:15 Ornery-Tooth-2478 Alahnaly sextape <3

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2021.12.06 06:15 Lazerdome Bumblebee

Bruh why the fuck wasn’t bumblebee in the newest battle pass. Like who do fuck is Jetstar, a literal airline company. We literally have a bee god like man straight up had his own film.
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2021.12.06 06:15 Livrah_ Menacing.

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2021.12.06 06:15 TehBananaBread People keep saying "we still need to see alt season". Yet every non stable top 10 coin went up 140x on average this cycle. You are setting yourself up with flawed expectations for dissapointment and in worst case turn away from crypto when a big downturn happens. Set goals for 2030, not this cycle.

Ethereum: Went x60

Cadarno: Went x100

BNB: Went x70

Solana: Went x333

Dot: Went x20 (possible more since of token change?)

XRP: Went x15 (supressed by SEC lawsuit)

Terra: Went x380

Its clear as day that a lot of alt coins had their time in the spotlight. Claiming that alt season didnt happen yet is very naive and will hurt you more than you think. In worst case, discouraging new people in crypto to get pushed out of the market entirely. Thinking crypto is a "scam" and not staying involved during down markets. This is the BIGGEST mistake you can make right now. Lose interest and not keep researching opportunities for 2022/2023/2024 etc. Losses are temporarily if you belief in the market and invest in prospering projects. But lets not kid ourselves here and say that alt season has no been here yet....
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2021.12.06 06:15 polargirl360 Zenith 2

Can I replace the coil with the tank full on a Zenith 2 the way I can on Zenith Pro?
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2021.12.06 06:15 Nameless_Kink Making memes about NKG to overcome my failure once more

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2021.12.06 06:15 The_Blueberry_Pi Can anyone suggest a good detective agency name? It should be original and cool. NO JOKES

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2021.12.06 06:15 ThrowawayAccountt280 Am I in a flatline?

I can only get 4 hours of sleep at a time. I wake up with anxiety every day. I can't sleep. I feel worthless at times. My brain is just trying to screw me over.
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2021.12.06 06:15 LetsGetTropical33 What is the most unfortunate situation you’ve ever walked in on?

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2021.12.06 06:15 PolinaPetrovaa Why did old studies say that computer games are bad for children, while nowadays studies say that it's good for you?

I'm writing on this topic on my school assignement and need some help.
Is it because people before then didn't have enough evidence?
What counter argument is there for older studies with 1000 participants resulting in that video games are bad for you?
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2021.12.06 06:15 impieraa21 Offers in dm

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2021.12.06 06:15 Pitiful-Grass-1833 Titleist T300 irons, does a custom fitted T300 set 4-gap cost more then the stock T300 4-gap?

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2021.12.06 06:15 RhysandsWingSpan Q about Rhys and Feyre’s bargain in acosf..

spoiler alert
At the end of the book when Nesta gave up her powers to save Feyre and Nyx, and also keep a little to change herself to be able to have kids safely (which btw (tangent alert) is hopefully another reason to dispel the “Cassian is going to die in the next book” theory.. the Mother gave her that for a reason so hopefully that doesn’t mean the end for our bat boy)… did the Mother remove the death bargain between Feyre and Rhys I wonder..? That might be a problem for the years/battles to come… maybe it’ll surface again in the next book?
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2021.12.06 06:15 GregLePandab I can't be the only one... right?

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2021.12.06 06:15 HoWhizzle Cat proof the meshilious

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2021.12.06 06:15 Alarmed-Ad-436 I'm playing with them already smh

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2021.12.06 06:15 UserNamesCantBeTooLo "NASA’s Solar System Interactive (also known as the Orrery) is a live look at the solar system, its planets, moons, comets, and asteroids, as well as the real-time locations of dozens of NASA missions" credit to u/Devonance for showing me this

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2021.12.06 06:15 Accomplished-Lime123 37 [M4F] UK - looking for a close friend

Good morning Reddit, how are we all doing today?
A little about me - I’m a senior manager for local government who’s hobbies include gaming, old movies, 90s/00s music, ultra marathon and triathlon running. I’ve also got 2 cats and 2 dogs.
Drop me a message, tell me a little about you and if you like we. An exchange pictures - UK preferred but up for talking to people from all over the world, thanks!
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