Accordion style boot for Logitech Driving Force Shifter?

2021.12.06 04:55 iTwez Accordion style boot for Logitech Driving Force Shifter?

Was just wondering if anyone has found (or made?) an accordion style boot for the Logitech shifter. I really like the look of them. Thanks!
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2021.12.06 04:55 Cloud_Meadowfields What is this? It looks like it has tiger eye in it

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2021.12.06 04:55 TheWhiteRabbitY2K EMS won't transport not " lights and sirens " emergencies?!

I'm a traveller.
I'm at a somewhat rural hospital, but major city is just an hour away.
The county EMS is a contracted privare company.
They will not take patients our of ER unless its a 'lights and sirens' emergency.
So we have a guy with a bowel perforation just sitting in the ER, they said they may have a truck to come get him in the morning.
What. . .
Weather is too poor to fly.
How does this not fall under an EMTALA violation?
Administration had already been called, case manager. No one can/will do anything.
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2021.12.06 04:55 TokioJam Team suggestion please

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2021.12.06 04:55 confusedpremedlol When we talk about worsening isolation and worsening social skills amongst young people, we often ignore shitty urban design

I read about how kids today are more stressed and isolated. And the discussion often turns to social media and technology. And I agree that tech and social media have had an extremely deleterious effect on social skills.
But can we also talk about how our car-dependent suburban sprawl makes it worse to grow socially? I remember going to India with my sister, and she found it difficult to haggle with street vendors and hailing a taxi and other things involving interactions with other human beings. But when we return to the U.S., she is comfortable with driving in her own personal car and living on her own. But now she when she goes out on a date with a guy, she finds it difficult to develop a real connection. And her circle of friends are all the same homogenous group of people with very minimal diversity in general. I also remember coming home from India and noticing how desolate and isolated American streets and neighborhoods were after coming back from India. This was true after traveling to Spain as well, so it is not simply a developed/developing nation difference; Spain was much more lively and active as well.
And this extends to people in general. Kids cannot even walk or bike to school on their own or go to a grocery store to get a popsicle stick because of giant highways and stroads crisscrossing across cities. Cheap oil and SUV subsidies make it easy to rely on automobiles as well instead of putting any effort into walking. Low-density, sprawled out suburbia means that you can go days without interacting with a friend or neighbor, which sucks as a kid. Kids today are less likely than ever before to walk or bike to a friend's home because of distance and unsafe, unwalkable roads, and thus end up more isolated. Sprawling lawns are bigger than before, but they also separate people and thus lead to isolation.
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2021.12.06 04:55 Audi_Enjoyer If you're in the LGBT+ community please DM me

Specifically gay men
I have a doubt that I want to clear up
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2021.12.06 04:55 johnny336 Out of control: Part 2

Out of control: Part 1
He was strained by the horrors of the sewers leading out of the facility.
The main problem were not the ambushing snorks, or lurking zombies, but a pseudogiant that simply rushed through the horde, dismembering the abominations, sending pieces of flesh and splatters of blood all over the place. This sight alone could make any man get sick, but the sheer terror of a gigantic, deformed being running at you with the intent to kill was more than anyone could endure. Lucky for him, the gigantic beast was territorial, it didn't chase Vaska as he retreated in panic, instead went back to its lair. Low on ammo, he had to come up with a plan to evade the monster.
He had one grenade left, and it was hardly enough to kill the beast, so he tried to create an IED from it. Disassembled every piece of old ammo not suitable for his guns from the corpses of the zombified, carefully poured the gunpowder in a field cutlery bowl found on one of the bodies, then placed it just a few meters from an intersection in the tunnels. The giant must have felt him closing in on its territory, it started running toward him.
By the first encounter, he could somewhat determine the speed of the giant, which was surprisingly fast considering its weight and deformed limbs; he counted the seconds, pulled the pin on his grenade, placed it in the bowl full of gunpowder, then turned at the corner of the intersection, hiding behind an old pipe.
A huge explosion shook the tunnels, Vaska heard the agonizing roar of the mutant, and started running like a bat out of hell, in the hope of arriving to the other side of the intersection, before the beast could retreat.
He was only a split second ahead, the beast was angrily limping behind him, but it was enough for him to jump on the ladder, leading to the outside.
He couldn't even collect himself, breathe in the fresh air after the putrid smell of the tunnels, when a transmission came from Sakharov. The old man must have been on his toes whether the mission would be successful.
- Young man, I see you managed to get outside, and according to my readings, the device emitting the high-level psy-waves no longer functions. Did you, by any chance, find the Link emitter, too?
Thoughts rushed his mind, as he approached the mobile lab. Be honest? Lie? Red was not hostile, he asked for help, instead of simply killing everyone in range. But if Sakharov is telling the truth, the Link emitter could be a powerful equipment for a stalker in the harsh Zone. Strange...siding with a mutant, because it showed no hostility? Or just the horrors he uncovered in the Zone made him decide against any device capable of torturing any living being?
He had a few meters left to make his decision.
- Professor, there was a huge brain floating in a cylinder, cables connecting it to equipment. I shut down the equipments on all levels, then found the main switch of the facility. Hopefully, it won't cause more problems.
- Yes, yes, that must have been the source of the psy-waves, we cannot detect them any longer, you were successful - Sakharov changed his tone - But...I'm more curious if you found the emitter.
What to say? The thoughts that were rushing through his head stormed again, but another one emerged, as well.
- SHUT UP, AND LET ME MAKE MY DECISION! - and all of a sudden, the previous thought ceased to exist in his mind. It must have come from Red, but why did he stop? Strange...but he didn't have time to lament on this. All he knew was he wanted answers, and for that he needed Red to play along.
- I'm sorry, Professor, there was nothing. I have found some experimental reports, I can give them to you, if you need it, but other than that, the place was empty. And full of mutants, but whatever - changed his voice to a bit more demanding.
- I'm disappointed...not in you, obviously, I was just hoping we can utilize such a wonderful device again. And for clearing out the facility, and shutting down the emitter, as my gratitude, you can keep the psy-helmet - answered Sakharov, understanding Vaska's need for a reward.
- You know, there were a lot of mutants, even some gigantic beast with deformed limbs. I almost died down there...
- Yes, for sure, some consumable is due your way, too, say a few stimpacks, and bandages, ammo for your troubles - said the doctor with a disturbed laugh.
- Thank you, professor, you are indeed very generous - smirked Vaska, and left the lab.
Time to go back to Red with the Link emitter - thought to himself, while walking toward Jupiter.
He didn't know if he could trust him, but continued on the path of helping him, and he didn't want to stray from it. If he dies, he at least tried. He didn't feel sorry for the mutants, he was not responsible in creating them, but knowing they were once human, he felt some sympathy toward them.
Somehow he felt gratitude. But not toward someone, it was like the grace was directed toward himself, from someone, somewhere. This connection with Red made him experience feelings unknown before.
- I'm coming to help you, just stay - thought, and he got startled, when an answer came.
- I know, thank you.
What the hell is going on?!
As soon as he set foot in Jupiter, Red contacted him.
- Come to the old factory in the Southeast part of the area, there must be some tools needed to check the device, then destroy it.
The factory was close, he passed the main road next to the ventillation complex, a few zombified were lurking the place, but he just rushed through, not spending precious ammo.
- I'm here, and here's the device, do your thing, and let's get this over with.
- You were followed here...
- No, I was not...or perhaps Sakharov suspected me of lying, and sent the military after me?
- I check the device, you stand guard.
Red started meddling with the Link emitter, when Vaska heard footsteps, and hushed orders coming from the entrance hall of the factory.
He rushed on an upper catwalk, so he has the high ground, and can assess the situation.
A squad of stalkers entered the building, but they were not military, neither any known faction. They wore bright red balaclavas, and suits, and were poorly geared, some old SMGs, Mosins in their hands.
Yet, there were many, and he was alone, so he needed a choke point to effectively decimate them.
In order to enter the inner parts of the facility, the people had to go in a service tunnel, and emerge from it through a ladder, which was Vaska's best bet to ambush them.
Switched his AR to full auto, and waited for the first two to climb up, then started spraying the men. They instantly collapsed, and one fell down the ladder, his lifeless body knocking out the two other coming up. Vaska heard agony from down there, one clearly broke his leg during the fall, and was incapable of movement.
But he heard that the other cocked his gun, yet didn't show himself, and waited for Vaska to make the first move. But he was in the defense position, no need to assault, sooner or later the remaining attack force had to make a move.
And he did. A live grenade clanked on the catwalk, a few meters from his position. He ducked back to cover through a doorway, but the blast threw him to the wall. Laid their disoriented, through tinnitus heard boots climbing the ladder, coming for him.
He was too weak to raise any of his heavy guns, yet he managed to drag himself next to the door, and got out his knife.
A red armor leaned through the doorway, and Vaska immediately stabbed the attacker in the groins. The stalker screamed out in pain, and collapsed to the ground, next to Vaska, exposing his neck area, which was accurately punctured by a knife. Laying on the floor next to his bleeding enemy, Vaska lost his consciousness.
It took a few minutes for him to come to, but he still sat there for a long time, trying to collect himself. Checked himself for any wounds, but only a slight concussion was present, then sat up, and examined his dead enemy.
His suit was red, like blood. The place of a torn patch still visible on its shoulder. It looked like a loner's sunrise suit, albeit the color and lack of patch.
No idea, who these guys were, he removed the suit, and shoved it in his backpack, then set off to find Red.
- You were right, stalkers came, but not military, I don't know who these guys were, have you seen something like this before? - asked Red, and showed him the suit.
- Yes, it's familiar, some cultists, known as The Beyond. They are a crazy bunch, I once met with a squad of them, but they didn't show hostility, and I read strange thoughts from their minds. Ultimately, I had a very disturbing discussion with their leader, who seemed happy to meet me. They want to be superhumans of the Zone with capabilites of us controllers, and rule the area. Yes, I told you they are crazy - said Red looking at Vaska's surprised face, then continued - they were looking for this very device, they thought it could turn them to controllers. In the end, I killed the squad, because they wanted to capture me. Don't worry, there's not many of them, you won't see them too frequently, I think they camp in an old mine, somewhere deep in the Forest, South of Jupiter.
- Another "wonder" of the Zone, I guess. And while wonders, I need to know something: when I was in the Yantar facility, and faced the controller, you took over control, but I was well-aware that you communicated with that controller through me. And I know I didn't talk. Then I made you silent, when talking to Sakharov. Finally, when approaching Jupiter, you answered my thought. How is it possible? - asked Vaska.
- Your helmet.
- My what?
- The helmet you wear. You must have got it from Sakharov. It's something like the Link emitter, but lower capabilities, and passive.. The Link emitter can be set to emit psy-waves with a given wavelength, amplitude, strength, and so on. It's a nasty device. Your helmet is based on the same principle, but it cannot be "configured", it functions by countering incoming psy-waves, emitting interfering waves. Your mind somehow is connected to it. Very faint, but you can direct thoughts to others. You are not a full fledged controller, and never will be, your brain is not altered, only amplified by this very helmet. Still, use it with caution, you don't want too much attention from others. Control your mind, and thoughts when around others.
I have thoroughly checked the Link emitter, and found out that I could somehow "reverse" what they've done to me. After all, The Beyond was not wrong in seeking out this device, it could have been used to alter their minds. But I have destroyed it. And I'm no longer a controller, just a normal human. I can't hear your thoughts, cannot enter your mind. It feels good, and frightening. There is a cave in Zaton, near a stalker camp, I will retreat to it, I would feel safe there without my powers. As for you, I will always be grateful to you for helping me. Visit me sometime. Farewell, Vaska.
And Red left the factory, leaving Vaska alone with his thoughts.
He sat there for a few minutes, looking at the remains of the Link emitter.
- So capabilities similar to a Controller, huh? - directing his attention to his psy-helmet.
He removed his Loner suit, and shoved it in the corner of the room. Then he got in his "new", bloodred suit with an evil look, and set off to find an old mine in a Forest...
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2021.12.06 04:55 etozheanna 23f what I holding?

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2021.12.06 04:55 CMDR_Chris_Lane 2meirl4meirl

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2021.12.06 04:55 KuromiUwU Authorise a Transaction??

So my account was hacked into recently and after emailing PayPal about it, they helped me recover my account. However the last step to fully recover my account asks me to 'authorise a transaction' but they've blocked any transactions, so I'm very confused about what it is I need to do? I've been trying to figure it out for about a month now and nobody seems to know what to do. I would call them, but everyone who has called them says they're not much help
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2021.12.06 04:55 -LordRupertEverton Folks who chose Europe over the US for their postgraduate degree, how's life? Do you guys have any regrets?

The title.
Also, how feasible is it to travel around the Schengen part of the EU if you are from a non-Schengen region?
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2021.12.06 04:55 Bkwolf96 Rose [1152×2048]

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2021.12.06 04:55 trumpetpunk The Dream Team

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2021.12.06 04:55 stupidgiygas x3x alch is extremly underrated

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2021.12.06 04:55 CantSinkAPutt My Small Sheet Metal Stash

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2021.12.06 04:55 stephenk_lightart Light Planting LXXXV - photographic info in comments.

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2021.12.06 04:55 primaryKeyInRedditDB Finally free (almost)

I realised i had phimosis when i was 18, I'd watch porn and i thought my foreskin would also start sliding all the way but it didn't.
Now i can retract my foreskin below the glans while erect as well as flaccid without any pain however my glans is still very sensitive (sensitivity has decreased a lot though since the first time it was exposed). One thing still bothers me though, i can't pull my foreskin lower after pulling it behind the head. It sort of clumps up there but doesn't hurt it any way, any suggestions?
I'm so so glad the stretching exercises worked out well, I'd stretch once a day for a 2-3months for 30mins with some lube.
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2021.12.06 04:55 zurodine Looking for suggestions on what games to get to my sister.

I gave my sister a new 3DS XL for her birthday a few years back and am wanting to get her a few games for Christmas. Out of the few games I had when I gave it to her (Pokemon AS, Pokemon Moon, DQ8, a Shin Megami game, and Animal Crossing NF) she only plays Animal Crossing.
I was thinking of getting her a Harvest Moon game, but I'm sure which one. I'm looking exclusively for 3DS games since I had issues playing regular DS games when I had the system. I read somewhere that the new 3DS XL's had that problem?
TL;DR Wanting to buy a few 3ds games for 18yo sister. She seems to enjoy playing life sims.
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2021.12.06 04:55 QAnnihilateQ64 So um, someone who actually knows what theyre talking about answer please.

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2021.12.06 04:55 Fromper1 For all the DC workers here

These are labels from two of the repack boxes that came on our truck yesterday (with the store # removed). We get at least half a dozen like this every day. Can you spot the problem here?
Hint: G is not the same letter of the alphabet as J. Also, Y is not the same letter of the alphabet as Z. Thus, the people who packed these boxes and printed these labels are complete and total fucking morons. Combining stock from different departments in the same box this way is actively anti-helpful. Don't do it.
I do blame the IT department at least as much as the warehouse folks for this, though. The computer system just shouldn't allow this.
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2021.12.06 04:55 GoalooES 💥Soccer quick picks - Dec. 6th💥

Quick of today:
Everton VS Arsenal: Everton @ 3.30
Getafe VS Athletic Club: Athletic Club @ 2.34
Empoli VS Udinese: Draw @ 3.32
Girona VS Leganés: Leganés @ 3.05
Aldosivi VS Argentinos Jrs.: Aldosivi @ 4.09
💥View all game in here💥

Yesterday Record:
Tottenham vs Norwich: Tottenham @ 1.40 ✅
Manchester Utd vs Crystal Palace: Manchester Utd @ 1.56 ✅
Rayo Vallecano vs Espanyol: Espanyol @ 2.97 ❌
Celta de Vigo vs Valencia: Celta de Vigo @ 2.09 ❌
Stuttgart VS Hertha BSC: Stuttgart @ 2.22 ❌
Huachipato vs Melipilla: Huachipato @ 1.38 ✅
Atlas VS Pumas UNAM: Draw @ 3.27 ❌
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2021.12.06 04:55 MisterFyre Relatable, am I right?

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2021.12.06 04:55 emailgeeks Email Marketeer @ Mollie

📨 New job: Email Marketeer @ Mollie
👉 Read more @
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2021.12.06 04:55 SGS1097 We must obey the ARAM rules. We lost, but it was lots of fun!

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2021.12.06 04:55 MacB59 Have to share!

Today, I hurt myself! "How?" you ask. In my joy I excitedly jump off my scales and slammed my elbow on the wall. "Why all the excitement?" you inquiry. In May, I started this journey weighting in at (sadly) 209kg (461 lbs) 7 weeks ago, I had my bypass surgery weighing 190kg (418 lbs). Today, I weighed in at 169kg (372 lbs)! My goal is 110kg (242 lbs), any lower is bonus loss. I'm well on my way to success! Just had to share! Thanks, my rant is over.
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