In 1943 Japan-occupied Korea, ethnic Korean school principal says Koreans lack work ethic and can't handle the slightest hardship, uneducated Korean mothers are reluctant to send their children to the workplace

2021.12.06 05:18 tpjv86b In 1943 Japan-occupied Korea, ethnic Korean school principal says Koreans lack work ethic and can't handle the slightest hardship, uneducated Korean mothers are reluctant to send their children to the workplace

Gyeongseong Ilbo, January 10, 1943
Reaction to "Hiring Koreans in the Workplace" As already reported, Governor Koiso's suggestion that "more Koreans should be employed in the workplace" has aroused reactions not only among businesspeople who have heard these words directly, but also among general industrialists, educators, and others. Let's take a look at a representative sample of some of these voices speaking about every facet of the issues related to the employment of Koreans.
The Key is Good Guidance Mr. Matsumoto, President of Kinren
At a recent meeting, the Governor said that he would like us to use Koreans as much as possible, but at my place, half of the directors of the All-Korea union are hiring Koreans, and almost 90% of the general employees working here are Korean. In addition, every year we hire about 40 new graduates from vocational schools and about 800 new graduates from secondary schools, so of course I agree with the Governor.
From my experience, it is true that the Korean people have many faults, so we cannot use school graduates as they are, but I think we should kindly correct their bad points and use them. At Kinren, those who graduated from vocational schools are hired as directors and those who graduated from secondary schools are hired as general employees. Within one year of joining the company, new hires are always interned in the union's training center (dojo) to train. For this purpose, we have set up a dormitory and classrooms in the premises of Kinren that can accommodate about 250 people at one time, and when necessary, we also use the dormitory for employees' bachelors for training.
Graduates from the vocational schools who are training to become directors are sent to this dojo for four months, and general employees are sent to this dojo for one or two months. In addition to the morning assembly, in which they perform the ritual bowing and praying towards the Imperial Palace in Tokyo and recite the Imperial Subjects' Pledge, they are given the opportunity to perform labor service, from wiping down their own rooms, corridors, lavatories, and dining rooms to cleaning the premises and sometimes even sweeping the streets, in order to instill the spirit of labor in them.
Then, after giving them the desire to do their day's work well, they are given lectures on the National Identity and practical apprenticeship to thoroughly develop their spirit. In the chorus of the event, they beat ritual drums that resonate in their sincere hearts. We are devising appropriate ways to make the consciousness of the Imperial people and the spirit of hard work resonate deep inside. In any case, Koreans can be of great use if they are trained by those who use them, so I think the Governor's words are especially meaningful during wartime. (Photo: Makoto Matsumoto)
Abandon Perverse Habits by Ms. Fukuzawa, Principal of Duksung Women's Vocational School
The words of the Governor-General are very meaningful to us, especially in Korea, where there is a shortage of manpower for "wartime service in the workplace" and where there are more idle people than in Japan. As a Korean person myself, I believe that we must respond to his words by abandoning our usual leisurely attitude, consider our position, and rush into the workplace with a battlefield spirit this autumn.
Until now, there have been many aspects of the Korean people's character that have lacked a work ethic. Even if they had a job lined up after graduating from school, many of them would just hang around instead of getting a job. This was partly because of their own mindset, but also because of the tendency of uneducated mothers to be reluctant to send their sons and daughters to the workplace.
In addition, once they found a job, they were unable to persevere at the slightest hardship due to their lack of training in enduring suffering, and in the end, they were disliked by their employers and lost the opportunity to work. However, now is not the time to be so complacent. We need to break down all their faults and perverse habits and make sure that each person is willing to work at a workplace that suits them, even if it is a small job.
On the other hand, from the standpoint of building the Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere, I hope that the people of Japan will not pick at every little difference in customs and habits, but will embrace them warmly and guide them so that they can work as Imperial subjects. I believe that if Japanese and Koreans truly unite as one in the workplace, we will be invincible in finishing the war. (Photo: Principal Fukuzawa)
Translated from source:
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2021.12.06 05:18 im-always-injured Would you rather save for a comfortable retirement or have an eventful early life? Why?

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No urges. It was really easy today :D
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2021.12.06 05:18 mrsyitties2u Do Child Predators Feel Guilty?

For my own reasons I’m wondering if child predators feel guilty. Do they feel bad about the impulses they have or actions they take? Do they feel like they are being condemned for no reason? And are there are child predators that resist the urge to act on this impulse?
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2021.12.06 05:18 YaronL16 Im sorry, but that is a shitty selection for GOTY, 2021 has been very dissapointing in terms of releases

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2021.12.06 05:18 denverpilot Couple of dumb noob hydro questions (FEL maintenance and odd operation of LX2963 front snowblower chute)

Hmm question for folks. Anyone do anything special with their hydraulic line ends on the FEL when stored outdoors? Dust caps on obviously, but anyone wrap em in a bag or anything? I'll do the usual cleanup of old grease and hit everything with a fresh shot and such.
One more slightly more interesting noob hydro question.
LX2963 residential grade front blower...
The chute on the snowblower operates to the left with the regular valve. Push stick left, moves as slow or fast as you like. To go right, you have to push the stick far right past the detent that is normally the rapid bucket drop on the FEL.
Then the chute rotates at full speed to the right, until the stick is pulled back over that detent. Can't do a slow change or stop it precisely going right. Dealer says that's the normal setup but mentioned something about a third function during that quick conversation. I probably missed something critical because I had a second call coming in at the time.
I do have a rear factory third function on the LX. I don't think he was referring to that, unless adding it changes the loop somehow that requires something different to be going on with the left right plumbing on the main stick for the blower.
Anyway... I don't get it. Seems like the hydros on the blower could rotate the chute right with the usual push of the stick to the right. When attached to the FEL, that valve just reverses the flow to tilt down, right? Past the detent is a pressure RELEASE isn't it?? Or is it just full tilt the other direction?
Is this just a wonky design choice by Kubota on this particular blower? I swear in videos of the commercial blower it seems like the operator can just waggle the chute as desired with normal left/right stick. A cost saving measure in the hydros I'm not understanding on the residential grade 63" blower?
I think I'm missing something about how the hydros spinning the chute actually work. Anybody know why it needs pushed into the rapid bucket drop detent to go right?
Dealer definitely said it was normal when they set the tractor up for the front blower, added the subframe, and did a function test. I'm just trying to do the old engineer thing and figure out why. Ha. I'm guessing I'm missing that there's a check valve involved in this process somewhere.
I do think if I had known this was normal for this particular blower, I would have popped for the commercial blower, since it doesn't seem to do this in various online videos. But I just won't use the blower enough to justify the commercial grade one really.
It's not horrible ... but I'd rather point both directions at the speed I want to spin it.
On my property I don't have any tight areas I need to be careful if the chute takes off going right and can't be stopped in time, and knowing it in advance I can plan for it.
But it might be useful info to anyone looking at the different front blower models. If this is normal.
Thoughts hydro experts??
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2021.12.06 05:18 yami-V Confused about how I feel

Hi guys, I am currently experiencing confusion on how I feel about someone.
To give some background information, I met this person online an have known them for about 6 years now(we’ve been mutuals on Twitter for that long), but only recently, we have been interacting more. Even still the talking/interaction is very rare. Half of it is because I have social anxiety and the other half is because they’re not very good at talking 1 on 1. Usually if I there’s little to no interaction between myself and another person, I just assume the other person doesn’t want to be friends and run away. However, I keep finding myself coming back to try to talk to them more and build the friendship I want instead of running away and ending it for good.
What confuses me most are these strong feelings when it comes to this person. I often feel a strong desire to form a friendship with them, to be someone that brings them joy, and a friend that they can can depend on for anything. It’s weird because I don’t really know much about them (outside of the things they told me about) but I often find myself considering them to be my favorite person. I also feel so much joy when I have the smallest of interaction with them. The very thought of them leaving the internet breaks my heart. Sometimes I would think that these feelings are akin to me I having a crush on them but then I realize all I really want to do is talk more with them.
I have made them aware that I want to become closer friends with them and they took it well telling me that I should feel free to talk to them about anything whenever but I whenever I do, I become overwhelmed from overthinking what to say, or if they would find me irritating, so I just run. What makes it harder is more often than not, I have to be the one to start the conversations.
Idk I feel dumb for feeling this way towards someone I don’t really know. I just want these feelings to Passover OTL.
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2021.12.06 05:18 astutesnoot How large of a UPS do I need?

Sorry for what's probably a basic question, but I just recently had to replace my old server motherboard and CPU because of a power surge (power went on and off like 4 or 5 times in rapid succession), and I'd like to avoid having the same thing happen again.
My goal is to protect my server from future power surges and power outages, but not necessarily to keep things running once the power goes out. Ideally I just want to be able to detect that the power is out, has been out for at least a minute, and if so then gracefully shut down the server. That would make uptime no more than 5 minutes to account for shutdown time. A bonus would be to automatically power the server back on once the power has been restored for more than a minute. My server: Supermicro M12SWA-TF with Threadripper Pro 3955wx (280w TDP) 4x PCIe HBAs 1000w PSU in main case 4 SSDs, 3 NVMes, and 20 HDDs in main case Attached Netapp DS4246 disk shelf with redundant 580w PSUs and an additional 24 HDDs
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2021.12.06 05:18 drawlermawler 18M Extreme fatigue when waking up

Any treatment for extreme fatigue when waking up/trouble getting out of bed at a reasonable time post-COVID?
I tested positive for COVID about 3 months ago, and since then, I have been absolutely unable to get out of bed after a normal amount of sleep (7-9 hrs).
The symptoms while sick with Covid were nothing compared to the havoc it’s wrecked on my life since. I’m a freshman in college and haven’t been to a class in months because of the insomnia paired with the extreme difficulty of getting myself out of bed.
I know that insomnia is a common symptom post-Covid, but besides a Reddit thread I posted, there was little I could find about struggling to wake up after Covid. This inability to wake up is taking a huge toll on my life and I’m not sure what to do. Is there any treatment for this inability to wake up post-Covid that I can ask my doctor about?
I’ve never felt worse in my life and have absolutely no idea what to do. My parents pay for my college and I feel awful sleeping through the thousands of dollars they pay per class, but on the other hand, I can’t help it.
I’d truly appreciate any advice whatsoever.
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2021.12.06 05:18 dj_johnzed Recover BNB sent to self deployed contract

I was trying out creating BOT, so created and deployed a contract in BSC from meatamask. I sent some BNB to that contract to check but it didnt work. How can I get the BNB back? Help is appreciated as I am very new to this
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