The brain is so much more imaginative and active when taking a shower...

Sharon tells me more about her afair with Jay. Letters & Transcripts 05/08/09: A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 03 (4.37) Sharon talks about being shared with other men. Letters & Transcripts 05/11/09: A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 04 (4.32) Sharon plays strip pool with Lee, Jay, and Greg. Letters & Transcripts 05/14/09 Molly learns more about z's needs. BDSM 06/07/17: A Slave's Tale Ch. 03 (4.53) Her Master arranges for z's harsh punishment. BDSM 09/07/17: An Overnight (4.29) I needed a place to stay - he had room. Erotic Couplings 07/31/14: Angel and Nicola: 2 Part Series: Angel and Nicola (4.36) There was something about the new hire. BDSM 02/05/21 So when someone asked a much-anticipated question “What is a highly underrated advantage of living alone?” on r/AskReddit the loners who don’t share their postcode with anyone saw it as a perfect moment to celebrate just that. The answers started flooding in one by one, showing the joy of simple things like never having to wait for a bathroom and total control over heat and air conditioning. Samuel Taylor Coleridge is the premier poet-critic of modern English tradition, distinguished for the scope and influence of his thinking about literature as much as for his innovative verse. Active in the wake of the French Revolution as a dissenting pamphleteer and lay preacher, he inspired a brilliant generation of writers and attracted the patronage of progressive men of the rising middle ...

2021.12.06 06:14 _oolong_tea_ The brain is so much more imaginative and active when taking a shower...

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2021.12.06 06:14 Thebelladonnagirl Regarding "parents" and "allies"

What do you say to people who say "I don't want someone to counsil treat or help my child JUST because they're autistic" or the like? Like, how do I convey to them just how much being autistic changes the way the world interacts with us and we interact with the world and how often we're ignored dismissed belittled and infantilised by neurotypicals?
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2021.12.06 06:14 PetrH_1441 Jan Fešák

Jan Fešák
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2021.12.06 06:14 Valefortitude A gentle reminder to all Queue-Folk and those lucky enough to get in...

Please remember to take breaks. Stretch. Drink water. Eat food. Sleep.
Everyone wants to play and I completely understand your frustrations of being queue-booted or staying in game for as long as possible to avoid the queue again, but it's not worth your health, physically or mentally.
Use this as a reminder to top up your water bottle or take a 10 min break to stretch or go for a walk or even sign off.
I saw someone on Discord with a 'Playing FFXIV' for almost 2 days straight. It's not good. Please take care of yourself.
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2021.12.06 06:14 BobcatImaginary5597 NFT GIVEAWAY-FOLLOW STEPS

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2021.12.06 06:14 Morrawler Hello 💕😊

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2021.12.06 06:14 PoopmanXD Off White AF1’s

Just wondering what site has the best Off-White Black AF1’s, (AO4606-001)
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2021.12.06 06:14 flicklun Poop

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2021.12.06 06:14 lovelatinas10 Special experience to seek out again or savor for the spank bank?

TLDR: Asked to watch a stripper finger herself in a private room and it turned into her asking me to choke her, cum on her ass, her licking the cum and telling me how good it tasted.
Been to a strip club 3 times prior; never would have imagined this experience. Curious if that's a repeatable thing or a good memory to cherish. Pre-negotiated $400 and tipped the last $20 I had.
The girl I wanted approached me quickly and I propositioned her with what I had in mind. She seemed to be genuinely amused and curious that her teasing me with up-close fingering would get me off. Said she hadn't gotten that request before but was down to give it a try.
I expected the bare minimum performance to get the job done, but once in the private room she asked me specific follow-up about my preferences. She starts a routine and we make small talk. I mention I have a very possessive gf who'd murder me if she knew I was at a strip club rn. She asks me specific questions on how her body compares to my gf's. Out-of-the-blue she asks me if I like choking girls. I love it and ask if she wants to be choked. She says yes and jokingly 'just don't kill me'.
I choke and caress her until she grabs my hair to push me on my back, sits on my face and starts playing with herself. I start kissing her without thinking. I stop and ask if that's okay. 'why would you ask after you have already started...I'm not stopping you'.
She tells me she's getting off on how much I am getting off on watching her get off. At this point, I am eating her out and telling her how sexy she is. She tells me I better be masturbating because she wants me to cum on her ass.
After I shoot on her ass, she scoops the cum dripping down her leg on her finger and starts licking it and tells me how good it tastes. This is the point where my mind flips from "this is fake but I don't care that I am buying it" to "what the fuck is happening? this is amazing"
She spent some time caressing my face and staring deeply into my eyes after. Fully unleashed the oxytocin for me.
While trying to work me up to a second orgasm, she asks me why I picked her out. Seemed genuinely happy when I told her she was the only stripper there I was attracted to. And no exaggeration I woke up 4x last night to masturbate to her.
Went back tonight (sunday) but she wasn't there and I was only mildly interested in 2 of the girls. One of whom thanked me for being direct but said she didn't do that kind of extra. The other seemed not into it at all and wanted to charge 3x.
My impression is that I got a legit pro who was young enough to be excited to try something new and might've had some genuine attraction (yes, I am a man-idiot). I wish I asked her for her schedule or a private number; would love to do that again before the end of my work trip. Worth trying to get this again on another night or just savor the experience in the spank bank?
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2021.12.06 06:14 civiliansound Last Sunset on Maui

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2021.12.06 06:14 karimkahale95 Fill value automatically based on a field from another sheet.

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well.
Here is what I have and what I'm trying to do:
On one Sheet, I have a list that includes 2 columns:

This list basically is our inventory database.
On the other hand, we have another sheet that comes from the supplier, that only comes with the item SKU column ONLY.
My goal is to write a formula to automatically fill the the item code column of the supplier. This formula would refer back to the inventory database column.
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2021.12.06 06:14 TheBadassBaboon Jizzy B doesn't have any teeth :kekw:

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2021.12.06 06:13 ____DEADPOOL_______ Field sobriety tests are a way for cops to let people they like who are a little over the limit off the hook

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2021.12.06 06:13 hayalgodecir Strange feeling

Does anyone else feel really strange when they are at the Park? When I am there, especially around the center of the park around the lake or at the west and south sides of the Park, I feel disoriented. Out walking around, I find myself explaining to myself that I am seeing trees or hills or flowers-as if I cannot recognize them immediately as I usually would and need an explanation of what they are. The sensation is like being on a strong drug so I thought it was the altitude or the geyser gases that made me feel that way. However, I live near there at 5,000 ft elevation, so I should be acclimated to the area, right? And there isn't much evidence that the gases affect people really. I told a friend about this and she looked right at me and said that she feels that way, too, every time she is there. She also lives near there and is acclimated to the elevation. Is it just us two who are experiencing this or is it others, too?
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2021.12.06 06:13 jamesdoe505 (PCDD) Monster Harvest $10.58 (DRM: Steam) via GamersGate W/ Code: CHEAPASS .

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2021.12.06 06:13 Competitive_Top9811 I Hate Harrison's Friend

The stupid whore told her mother about Dexters name not being genuine. She ruins the series for me and Dexter new blood will be put on the backburner and listed on priority. And also that cringe party they were having was the worst cringe I have seen in years. Way to ruin the show.
Rant Over
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2021.12.06 06:13 RLCD-Bot [Octane] [Purple Octane: Dune Racer] [OEM]

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2021.12.06 06:13 ThoughtPatrolz Ameteorite

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2021.12.06 06:13 BigTesco69 Canadian cruisers - what telehealth kits are approved by RCL/Carnival?

will be driving down to Miami in about 3 weeks to board the Freedom. I tried ordering the Abbott-Binax COVID antigen kits from RCL's website but they do not ship to Canada. I thought I had read on here previously that Switch Health Antigen tests (from Air Canada) were potentially accepted by RCL. I got in touch with Switch and the company could not confirm nor deny that the kits would be accepted by RCL as the Switch kits themselves do not have FDA/EUA approval.
However, they did confirm that the anti-gen kits have either one of two sensors: Abbott-Panbio (from US) or SD Biosensor (from Korea). I know the Abbott tests are accepted in the US under EUA as Abbott is the same company that makes the RCL branded test kits. However, I'm worried about getting an SD Biosensor kit and potentially being turned away on the ship. I could not find any information online that confirms that SD Biosensor would be accepted as an FDA/EUA-approved kit on Royal Carribean's part.
Do any of you have experience with boarding using Switch Antigen kits? Let's say I take the plunge and order them, where would the best place to schedule a backup antigen test? I can't seem to find anywhere to book an antigen test that's more than like, 5 days out and it's making me nervous.
Any input or help would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.12.06 06:13 LionGangMember هر وقت فکر کردی بد شانس اینو یه نگاه بنداز

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2021.12.06 06:13 intergaiactics my best friend hooked up with my ex

today i found out that my best friend had sex with my ex. the ex in question was a fling from about 2 years ago, but i had major feelings for him, and we told eachother we loved eachother, and when he told me he wanted to end things, it sent me so far into depression that it took me forever to trust people again.
so when i was told by a 3rd party today that my best friend and my ex have hooked up on multiple occasions, i was in complete shock, to say the least. my best friend (of 7+ years) was there for the whole rise and fall, knew how hung up i was on this guy, how long it took me to get over him, and how i'm still not a fan to this day.
she visited me at college a month ago and told me that this ex asked her to hook up, and she said no, and that was that. apparently, that was a lie. she hooked up with him on numerous occasions, and only ever decided to tell me 2 months later when the truth finally came out.
i'm not mad that it was my ex, because i could give 2 flying f's about him, its more of the fact that my guy best friend repetitively told her to talk to me about it and let me know, and she failed to do that because she felt it would be "an awkward conversation"and i hsd to hear it from 2 people before i heard it from her. all honesty if she had told me from the beginning, i would have said absolutely go for it, because i have no feelings towards him what-so-ever.
but the fact that she kept it from me for 2 months really just makes me so so mad. & oh right, told our other friend it was just kissing and being handsy, when no, they had full on sex, which she ended up admitting to that same friend later on.
so, do i have a right to be mad? she's drunk right now so i said i would talk to her about it tomorrow, but what do i even say???
& please don't be afraid to ask for any clarification<3
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2021.12.06 06:13 im-always-injured What's something kids think is cool but adults find boring?

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2021.12.06 06:13 BlueChair0 Yeah yeah, Baiken got announced, but there was something more important in the trailer

She namedropped Bedman’s sister Delilah, Bedman mains rise up
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2021.12.06 06:13 RedTeamPentesting [CVE-2021-40859] Auerswald COMpact 5500R Multiple Backdoors

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2021.12.06 06:13 nowt__to_spare [PS4] H: junkies +25 damage +1 strength super sledge W: vanguards wwr armor offers

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