2021.12.06 05:54 Valon_val0n Hey

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2021.12.06 05:54 Zayan-ali ELI5: Why do incompetent people think they’re amazing?

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2021.12.06 05:54 Investor-Ty Top Cryptocurrencies Late Night Livestream

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2021.12.06 05:53 nooMehTrednUedalBts1 I'm the latter & proud of it

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2021.12.06 05:53 LooseLipsSinkShips21 Weekly IG Gains for Drag Race UK Series Cast from Premiere to Finale

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2021.12.06 05:53 inco2018 What one thing don't you understand about rich people?

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2021.12.06 05:53 Westy_Boyo Anyone in the UK got their Web exclusive SAI pre-order vinyl yet ?

I do know there probably have been delays with shipping. I got a tracking number from UPS saying it has been dispatched from the US. But haven’t had any updates in a while..
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2021.12.06 05:53 tendo29 FRS OOO Box art

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2021.12.06 05:53 Gaming_with_Hui Found this bad boy on the floor

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2021.12.06 05:53 Garb_Boi What should I do?

Hi So this is gonna be pretty long so ima just get into it
I'm 14M, K is 15F, C is 14F, B is 14M and V is 14 F So I had this friend in 5th grade and i used to have a crush on her and she liked me back and i didnt even know. Well her mom texted me around the 30th and says "Hey K has been asking about you so here is her number if you want to talk to her!" So i say yes because I havnt seen her in a long time. Well we talk and i tell her that i had a crush on her and she lets me know she had a crush too. This reinvigorates my crush and asks if she still has one, she says "well we just started talking again so I'll see but probably will get one" so at this point I start thinking my goal is to become her bf (this is where i fucked up) so she lets me know whats happening in her life and she asks me if I wanna join her friends gc. I remember most of them and they are V, B and C. Now C dated K for a day before she broke up with her for a different girl and this gave K body issues that she has to this day. Anyway but I randomly trauma dump onto K and start to tell k that I like her and stuff and when in the gc she starts to flirt with C (K still didnt understand I liked her) i ask her to be my gf and she said that it was rly soon and she didnt know if she liked me like that and she is still getting over C (C is also rude to me everytime I talked in the gc or irl). I accept it gracefully and didnt freak out or anything but when they rly start to obviously flirt I get angry and tell her that I'm tired of this and just generally act a douche. Btw i was thinking about her all day everyday. She doesn't understand why im angry when she asked me to join the gc and I said yeh. I give a snarky remark and I leave my phone for a few hours before it all hit me. I WAS SUCH A DICK AND I FUCKIN SUCKED. So obviously i blow up her phone with apologies and why im wrong and what I did, but she was digesting it herself so her phone is on silent so she didnt see them until Saturday. She forgave me and I said "let's only be friends but if you do wanna be more I'm down but I'm not gonna be weird about it. Get with who ever because at the end of the day i just want to see you happy even if its not with me" later that day we had plans with the rest of her friends and c. As soon as I get there and she arrives, she is asking me about her looks and does she look good and asks if I wanna go see the band and she's nervous to see C and she keeps talking about C. This kinda tiks me off because even tho im not trying for a relationship anymore she still keeps talking about C. Well V and B show up and we have fun and talk and watch the high school band play and when it ends, c comes to k and they talk for a hour while V went off to do her own thing and me and B are just standing there while C and K do their own thing acting like we aren't there. We eventually go to a church and a cemetery. So they start to flirt, touch eachothers faces, and shit while me and b are just standing there. B pulls k aside and calls her out on it and me and C are there. C is staring at me and I wanna break the ice so i ask her why she has a brace, she looks at me and calls me a dumbass like i was there when it happened and we argue until K and B came back. K and C stay doing the same shit until we start to play games with some other kids and then it rly hit. So im 6'0 and 250 and can lift 220 so im giving ppl piggy back rides and even K. I offered C and she told me no. C is staring daggers while I give K a piggy back ride. Well im playing red light, green light when i see someone take my plushi that i bought and throw it on top of the roof. I stop and ask ppl who threw it. Everyone says C. I tell C "Hey you owe me $5 for that plushi" "I ain't giving you shit" So i go to K, frustrated, and say "Hey pay me back for your gf" "She isnt my gf!" "Well youve been flirting the whole night, kissed, held hands, touched each other's faces, forgot about me and B, and your insta says otherwise" C chimes in and says "She didnt forget about y'all. Only you" Im livid at this point (still am tbh) and say "shut the fuck up" She gets quite. I leave to tell everyone else and everybody said thats fucked up and one girl offered to donate a dollar and another kid said he'll ask the priest to get it down for me. Later k apologies for C and said that she told her that was fucked up. I obviously feel that C isnt good enough for K and that she'll just break her heart again. I'm hanging out with K next Saturday and im just gonna have a good time. What do y'all think? If they break up should I try to get with K? K is still my dream woman but she is also my friend and I can respect her relationships and her. What should i do?
TL;DR: I fucked up with my crush, she got with her ex who fucked her up, me and her ex hate each other. What should i do? If they break up should I try to get with her and be her bf?
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2021.12.06 05:53 goboxey This is not the end, this is the beginning..

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2021.12.06 05:53 -en- @AP: The ruling against Aung San Suu Kyi is the first in a series of cases brought against the 76-year-old Nobel laureate since the army seized power in February, blocking her party from starting a second term in office. https://t.co/yOSpUwIc5H

@AP: The ruling against Aung San Suu Kyi is the first in a series of cases brought against the 76-year-old Nobel laureate since the army seized power in February, blocking her party from starting a second term in office. https://t.co/yOSpUwIc5H submitted by -en- to newsbotbot [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 05:53 MrSunraay How many things Can i put on a USB Hub?

ich have a USB Hub from Urgreen with 4 extra USB Ports. Can i put a Streamdeck, USB Microphone and a Cable for the Controller on it without Problems? Or is That too much?
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2021.12.06 05:53 WhatDoesItTakeToWin Rating/suggestions? 400k +/- available.

Been really happy with this team, but i´m looking for some change and/or improvements.
Had so much fun with the Silva-card, so not too keen on replacing him. Mahrez is probably the one i´m least fond of.
Only back 4 + keeper tradeable, so not much to sell.
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2021.12.06 05:53 DarkRaisor [Ps4] Need:Chanelers trident, great Stone Shield Have:Ask

Hello, i have this problem were a bad RNG and a horrible luck making the task of getting these 2 weapons for the trophy that im starting to hate myself for trying this, i need the chanelers weapon from the duke's archives and the Stone Shield of the "golems" from the butterfly zone
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2021.12.06 05:53 Germandiamond I am starting buying back in. Would be all in if price hits 1.2€ again.

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2021.12.06 05:53 Stormclamp Nothing says getting owned like photoshopping a dildo into a minor’s arms...

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2021.12.06 05:53 catcakexyz Stepper motor acting problematic

The X axis stepper motor on my ender 5 pro has been making a grinding sound and often skips steps. It renders the printer unusable. Creality support, after ~30 emails has been near useless; they've sent two replacement stepper motors, but the problem is consistent across all of them, leading me to believe something else is causing it. Having given up on Creality support, I ordered a new motherboard, an SKR Mini E3 v3.0 from BigTree, but unfortunately the X axis stepper motor is still experiencing the same issues. So the issue is likely not originating from the stepper motor or the motherboard. Any ideas?
Thanks, cat
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2021.12.06 05:53 Aintihi Missing the new features in VN? Here's some magic from Monica (watch to the end)

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2021.12.06 05:53 Sissycumdump109 Join the 🔞13-17 TEEN LEAKS🔞a Discord Server! join boys

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2021.12.06 05:53 Snoo-42858 I (18M) am feeling some extreme pressure continuing my relationship with my s/o (20M) (TW self harm)

Basically I asked him how he would feel if I broke up with him. I don’t really know why. Then, I was ignored for a few hours but finally he texted me this:
“You really want an answer to your question? Here you go. I would lose myself. It's as simple as that. I'd lose all my motivation to do anything. I'd lose my will to live. I'd lose my happiness. And I'd most likely cope by getting shitface drunk or fucking relapsing. Or admit myself into a mental hospital so I don't do something stupid. I don't fucking know. I just know I wouldn't be the me you know now.
And that did hurt, a lot. I was barely asleep, and had heard that. And it woke me up. And immediately I started having a anxiety attack, my throat closed up and I started choking on air. I had tried to hold myself together and go back to sleep but I couldn't, so I left and I cried. I cried until my body couldn't anymore. I ended up having a bad tic attack as well, causing me to hit my head and give myself a migraine. Which was enough pain, because I did wanna cope. I wanted to be numb. I didn't wanna feel the pain. Fuck, I was contemplating getting a drink and just forgetting you had said that. But I ended up just crying and digging my nails into my arms.
You don't understand how much you mean to me. You are my everything. I don't wanna lose you, ever. “
Now I feel really bad and I don’t know what to say. I also feel extreme pressure to continue the relationship, even though I know I probably can’t handle it mentally. On several other occasions things like this has happened before. One of them was me calling him “my little emo bitch” because he jokes about him being emo a lot. He was also fine with me calling him a bitch.
I have always felt this kind of disconnection between me and him because I feel like I give more of myself to him. For example, whenever we call he always blocks the camera or keeps it off while I always have it on. I’m also usually the first to text every day. He’s also extremely sensitive so I always feel restricted in what I can say or do (like joking about a particular subject) and then says it’s because of his trauma. I know it isn’t his fault but I don’t know how patient or understanding I can be anymore.
After writing this, I seriously want to break up, but I don’t want to hurt him. He says that he’ll kill himself if I do. I don’t want to be the cause of someone else’s death.
What should I do?
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2021.12.06 05:53 senddemboobies Sometimes my genius is... It's almost frightening.

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2021.12.06 05:53 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Lifestyle] - Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia to mark a milestone in its construction, even as Covid-19 shutdown threatens to put 2026 target for declaring basilica’s structure complete out of reach | South China Morning Post

[Lifestyle] - Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia to mark a milestone in its construction, even as Covid-19 shutdown threatens to put 2026 target for declaring basilica’s structure complete out of reach | South China Morning Post submitted by AutoNewspaperAdmin to AutoNewspaper [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 05:53 Akinyemibabs735 Charlotte Hawkins

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