Hanging ceiling speakers

2021.12.06 06:21 Ba72an Hanging ceiling speakers

Hello guys.
I'd like to know where to find hanging ceiling speakers in Qatar other than Bosch.
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2021.12.06 06:21 assagitaz Hobin Rude - Aegrimonia [BC2]

Publisher: BC2
Out Date: 2021-12-03
Quality: MP3 19.39 Mb / AIFF 85.40 Mb
Genre: Progressive House
Hobin Rude - Aegrimonia / (Key Cm, BPM 120, Length 8:04)​
DOWNLOAD - https://progonlymusic.com/index.php?route=release/release&release_id=512946
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2021.12.06 06:21 Chuckbestseries T/n post: What's the worst thing you did for your crush to notice you? Comment: Watched all episodes of One Piece for 10 months and by the end of it he already got a girlfriend.

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2021.12.06 06:21 dabunnyking TIP: If you have a hard time finding a good song to practice making your voice sound good, sing a Christmas song. Everyone knows Christmas songs so they should be familiar with how it should go... Record it and send it here.

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im a proud member of the church and i keep gettingb this ex mormon shit poppimg up on my computer weres the ex catholic shit ex- baptrist shit your more like x idiots than eny thing you go on the site and you cant shut it off , im sick of hbesaring my people run down . By some dam foolish negative bull id like to find the guy who started it and bust his nose . WE fought in every war for the freedom to believe your and mine . when your running down someones belifes your running down your own ass hole . if you don have something good to say about someone dontb say nothing or your pull a lot of negative karma on you , ihope you do assholes.
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2021.12.06 06:21 JxmesCS Does anyone know PROD's settings?

Saw him play and I am curios to see what his sens and dpi is. It looks super high and he looks like an arm aimer
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2021.12.06 06:21 NotTodayStepDad I just found one of my old answers to a response to a young Entrepreneur that was asking for advice, and I decided to share it here with y'all. Hoping it can help someone else as well. (there are mistakes, but too lazy to fix them).

Original question:
Hey IÔÇÖm a teenager and IÔÇÖm really interested in being am successful entrepreneur. So far I have a part time job and a small instagram theme page business. Does anyone have anymore ideas for me. Thank you
My response:
Let me tell you the rules of the game.
Money (value), desire, and resources.
These are the 3 factors in this game. Without any one of those, you can't accomplish anything.
Money (value, potential energy)= stored potential energy that can be transferred, acquired, and or created. That loses value every day. So move it around don't keep it all in one place as values change according to desires. More value can be created through systems from raw value forms (natural resources). Value can be stored in various ways.
Desire = the thing that makes the world go round. Without it, you have no money/value, society, purpose; hence the collapse of civilization. Humans are beings of emotion, not logic, beings of desire, and habit. The desires of humans are what moves humanity forward be it good or bad doesn't matter.
The 5 Human desires
acquire= the desire to obtain or collect physical objects as well as immaterial qualities like status, power, and influence.
bond= the desire to feel valued and loved by forming relationships with others, either platonic or romantic. Humans are herd animals giving a deep desire to belong. Humans imitate the habits of 3 groups the close (the 5 closest to you, you are more likely to imitate), the many (when not sure how to act we look to the group to guide our behavior, be it good or bad right or wrong overpowering the desire of the individual. We rather be wrong with the crowd then right alone), the powerful (once we fit to a group we start to try to stand out. want to be acknowledged, recognized, and praised. We avoid the habits that would lower our status)
learn= the desire to satisfy our curiosity
defend= the desire to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our property
feel= the desire for emotional experiences like pleasure or excitement
The point of the game is to fulfill those needs, the one that can give the most value to the most amount of people will acquire the most potential energy in return (money/riches).
Resources= the earth, the sky, the water, the universe. The universe is our playground value only comes from what is and not what isn't. We transfer the potential energy around us into more tangible forms of energy. There is more than enough value in the universe for everyone, the only thing is to get to that energy and transforming that energy into new tangible forms of energy/ value that fulfill a desire. Just know that like the universe follows the 1st rule of thermodynamics "energy cannot be created nor destroyed.." only transferred. Though in the processes of transferring from one thing to another energy is lost since efficiency so far is never 100%.
There are only 3 ways to grow wealth fast.

  1. Transferring already acquired value into multiple streams and systems that will grow over time. Investing into different value acquisition systems instead of creating your own from scratch.
  2. Creating your own value acquisition systems and manually growing them over time.
  3. Becoming the best in a field the .01%. Masters like Gorden Ramsey, Lebron James, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi etc.
When creating systems make sure you play a game where you create not compete. Don't compete for crumbs, create new systems and values, innovate. Hence stop doing what everyone else is doing and create your own outcomes. So stay away from the crumbs the masses are trying to compete for and head toward a different direction Just remember people desire change just not a drastic change. If you have an idea to change something completely it's best to do incremental changes then drastic changes. People like things they can recognize, and relate one thing to another. Say your idea is to innovate a specific product the idea has to be something people can sorta relate to, it doesn't have to be something from the same industry. You can add something from one industry and introduce it to another, it will be a drastic, but relatable change. Innovation doesn't have to be completely new, bringing ideas from one industry to another is an innovation since no one was doing it before.
The formula of everything
Input = Output or x=y
Think in terms of input and output. Everything in the universe can be formed with this simple formula, thank Albert Einstein. From rocket science to business systems. When it comes to how to achieve anything in life you first need a goal a motive a purpose, the output the end goal. Then you just break it down into actionable steps. Steps that can no longer be broken down. For more information google how to break down big projects. For knowing this is important and will save you many hours weeks months and maybe years of frustration. The worse thing you can do is do nothing. You may want to do something but you just don't know where to start, so it's important to know what you need to do next. Always at least know your next 5 moves doesn't matter if it's in the right direction or not do something.
I can't tell you an idea to try because it doesn't work like that. The entire point is for you to identify a problem that enough people desire to be solved and figure out how to solve it with your current knowledge and with your current abilities and connections, that's it.
One thing to note is that since you are starting off starting a business is hard enough as it is. Now starting a business with no initial capital is even harder. So if you're trying to become an entrepreneur the best thing you can do is acquire a skill set that will you will then use to create your own business.
Right now coding, tech, AI, space, robotics, is the future if you want to do that then learn it. From a business standpoint, the process to any business is a repeatable process
  1. value creation. discovering what people need and want the creating it. Product creation.
  2. marketing. attracting attention and building demand for what you've created.
  3. Sales. turning prospective customers into paying customers.
  4. Value Delivery. Giving your customer what you've promised and ensuring that they're satisfied.
  5. Finance. Bringing in enough money to keep going and make your effort worthwhile. this goes for nonprofits as well as for-profit businesses.
If you want to become a successful entrepreneur the best thing to do is master working with humans (communication). Learn everything about your business, I'm saying to master everything no far from it. What you need to do is know how to speak with every team member, with this you become apart of this discussion and can help by looking at the problems from a different angle. And by knowing the basics and some more technical parts to every role in your business you can add knowledge that somehow connects to be able to solve a problem in a completely different job role. Say your psychology marketing knowledge is useful in solving a problem in your new product you can work with your engineers and talk in their language as well as adding new language and knowledge to the conversation.
All in all the best thing you should do right now is google learn how to learn. How humans process information and techniques and skills you can do to learn something much faster. Knowing how the human brain works and how and why humans do what they do and why they act and react the way they do. How their emotions work and how you can use that knowledge to steer people in the direction you want them to. With time you can make people do what you want them to do without them knowing, you guided them in that direction making them think they chose it on their own. Learn how to learn is the most and first step anyone should learn it's free and it will make you become successful that much faster because you can now process and learn information and retain that information like a sponge. I learn some of my tricks from books experience studying people like Elon musk and taking courses like on coursera and youtube lectures.
The next step you should do is make sure you focus on your health. There are 4 pillars of life health wealth love and happiness. The most important is your health. Believe it or not, if you do not change your health habits and set up a routine you will fail more likely than not, and also you will not be as productive as you should. Feeling drowsy, tired, and working slower, and having lower energy will cost you time. So step a daily routine, with a daily routine even if you don't know what to do at least you'll have a sense of purpose and wont lose your self in thought. A daily routine is your foundation this will make or break your day so experiment what routine works for you take cold showers or not, mediate or don't wake up at 4 or 6 or 7 or 8 sleep 6 hours or 8 maybe 11 or 10 see what works for you maybe you need to shower to fully wake up maybe you need to exercise in the morning. Your daily routine is your foundation, you want to change the world start by making your bed.
Time is the most important and valuable asset you have. You see this game is played with poweenergy. And its not a fair game. Some play with greater advantages than others some play with different rules as they live in different countries that make it impossible to move up. The point of the game is to use every advantage you have and not worry how other people see you. Because some people will pull you down without knowing it since you feel pity for them.
The Game of power
power without ideals is rubbish and ideal without power are pointless.
Ideals = a standard of perfection; a principle to be aimed at. "tolerance and freedom, the liberal ideals"
Ideals and desires can only be brought to life with power, and power can only get purpose from ideals and desires. Neither can exist without the other. So see what powers you have and what power you need to achieve your goal. I said goal because you should focus on one thing at a time to achieve it then if your satisfied move on to the next goal. Life isn't about having one goal it's about having several and achieving them in your lifetime to feel satisfied and live a life without regret.
The 5 forms of power
controllable - you can gain or lose or transfer
  1. knowledge/skills/info
  2. physical (health, fitness, athletic ability, strength, flexibility, mobility, agility speed, etc)
  3. wealth/assets/resources/tools
  4. influence (people you know, number of people you have influence over, the power of each person you know) Say you are loved by the masses together they may have more power than a few powerful people or the other way around.
uncontrollable - you cant gain or transfer this you can only lose it. If you do or don't either way the time is gone, this is influenced by the 4 powers above as well.
  1. Time
When thinking about input = output think about your goal choose one goal, and then look at the powers you need to accomplish your goal. If you don't have them then see how you can gain more to get to the required amount you need. If you have none then use what you have to start building up those powers. Say your 15 and want to be a professional soccer player what do you need well you need skills, knowledge, strength, athletic abilities but say you have none, so use time. Use that to get what you need. The younger you are the better. For old billionaires would give all they own and more to be young once more.
Hope this helps if not ignore it. I wrote a lot so maybe its out of order or I just started rambling on and on but hope you get something out of this.
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Reddit is great
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2021.12.06 06:21 lrerayray What a bunch of disgusting comments in this post. Talking about squaring the circle. Recently had to convince a Christian acquaintance that dinosaurs are real and the earth doesnÔÇÖt have only 4k yearsÔÇŽ

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2021.12.06 06:20 baerlauch Frage zum Eintreten in Mietvertrag nach Ableben der Hauptmieterin

Hallo ihr Lieben,
meine Freundin (Mitte 20) befindet sich in der ├Ąu├čerst privilegierten Situation mit ihrer Gro├čmutter in einer sehr gro├čen (150+ qm) Altbauwohnung mitten in Wien zu wohnen. Die Gro├čmutter (die Hauptmieterin) ist Mitte 90, schwer dement und hat eine 24h Pflege. Gesundheitszustand ist dementsprechend - nicht gut, aber auch nicht furchtbar, da bis auf die Demenz keine gr├Â├čeren gesundheitlichen Probleme bekannt sind. Die Gro├čmutter wird von der Tante meiner Freundin verbesachwaltet.
Die Freundin wohnt seit ca. 1,5 Jahren in der Wohnung, gleich lange arbeitet sie in Wien als P├Ądagogin und studiert nebenbei. Sie passt ab und zu auf die Oma auf, wenn die Pflegerin au├čer Haus ist. Manchmal putzt sie auch Bad/K├╝che/Flur, den Gro├čteil der Hausarbeit verrichtet aber die Pflegerin, da diese bereits 5 Jahr l├Ąnger bei der Oma war. Miete zahlt meine Freundin NICHT. Um den Tatbestand eines gemeinsamen Haushaltes (im Falle des Ablebens der Oma) beweisen zu k├Ânnen, habe ich ihr empfohlen deutlich mehr im Haushalt zu tun und mindestens 200ÔéČ im Monat auf das Konto der Gro├čmutter zu ├╝berweisen. Viel Geld hat sie selber nicht, da sie ihre im Ausland lebenden Eltern unterst├╝tzen muss. Hier die erste Frage: reichen 200ÔéČ Dauerauftrag und weitere Beteiligung am Haushalt aus, um als gemeinsamer Haushalt zu gelten?
N├Ąchster Punkt ist das dringende Wohnbed├╝rfnis. Da die Freundin ├╝ber keine andere Wohnung/Wohnm├Âglichkeit bei Eltern o.├Ą. verf├╝gt, nehme ich an, dass der Nachweis eines dringenden Wohnbed├╝rfnisses kein Problem sein sollte. Die Wohnung ist aber gro├č genug (5 Zimmer), dass man als Vermieter sicher damit argumentieren kann, dass eine kleinere Wohnung auch ausreichen w├╝rde. Hier habe ich im [Internet](https://kurier.at/wirtschaft/immobiz/eine-adresse-viele-generationen/271.240.731) von einer m├Âglichen Teilk├╝ndigung gelesen, d.h. die Wohnung wird umgebaut und z.b. halbiert. Rein architektonisch kann ich mir das nicht vorstellen, weil man das Stiegenhaus nur auf einer Seite der Wohnung betreten kann (der Rest ist Stra├če, Hof, Nachbarshaus), aber rechtlich eventuell m├Âglich. Hier ist meine Frage, ob eine Teilk├╝ndigung wahrscheinlich ist bzw. wie man das verhindern k├Ânnte.
Der Vermieter wird das Mietverh├Ąltnis nach dem Ableben der Gro├čmutter (hoffentlich in ferner Zukunft) sicher nicht kampflos aufgeben - was ich vollkommen verstehen kann, hier gehts um viel Geld - jedoch ist die Chance auf die Wohnung f├╝r meine Freundin jeglichen Aufwand wert. Es w├Ąre nat├╝rlich die perfekte M├Âglichkeit, um dort eine Familie zu gr├╝nden.

Ich freue mich ├╝ber jeden Input, auch wenns nur Anekdoten sind :)
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